Commentary: The decadence that is the Inland Empire and what needs be done to reform the region

July 15, 2010

I was inspired to write this commentary from a comrade in the Bay Area and a comrade who lives further south from me. One comrade highlighted a Wikipedia article that described the region I live in and one comrade gave me the impetus to write my own thoughts and projections so as to give the readers an idea of this region.

The Symptom

Wikipedia has a fantastic article in regards to the Inland Empire and and gives a lot of facts and figures that speak for themselves.  My purpose is to give an account of my own experiences and what have been derived from them through personal contemplation.

I grew up for most of my life in this region and the whole region itself has various demarcation lines that bound and limit the different micro-regions within the greater framework. The first demarcation is between San Bernardino and Riverside counties; these are two separate political-territorial entities that govern the regions separately. The term Inland Empire is really more of a cultural-social term rather then a political one. Each of these counties have different cities within them but because of geographical diversity there is different regions that the cities are contained in. For example, in San Bernardino county there is the mountain region, high desert region, inland valley region, and a region that incorporates the city of San Bernardino as it’s center. All these different regions have unique, cultural-social manifestations that effect and determine the forces that operate within those regions. For example, in Rialto and San Bernardino there is a substantial population of African-Americans and where they congregate the area becomes molded and modified through the presence of those people in there. It works the same in other regions; in the mountains there tends to be a framework of small communities, mountain-style living, isolationism, and cultural norms derived from the European-descended people that live there.  The unique situation that is the Inland Empire offers a unique approach to National Anarchist interests that seek to operate in the area. The diverse regions within the greater framework offer a ready-made palate to cultivate small, tribal communities. Regardless, the region is itself a decadent and degenerate region that only has semblances of lucid and ordered forces operating within there.

The social corruption is a product of many different factors operating within the region but the foremost factor is Modernity in it’s many different manifested forms. Capitalism, being one of these forms, operates through the participants and the participants themselves, knowingly or not, by replicating a lifestyle that is based on material gain, social advantage over others, consumerism, and anti-spiritual tendencies. This lifestyle is the engine of activity for the whole region and reaches even to communities in the mountains and more isolated areas. “High” culture or anything of that paradigm is virtually non-existent in the whole region save for small residues in the universities or small pockets lightly peppered throughout. Despite different ethnic groups operating in the area the mass of ethnic groups follow this lifestyle but with different motivations and purposes.

Purposes and motivations are vastly disparate throughout the region and the typical lifestyle manifested is aimed at different directions. Mexicans that immigrated to the region from Mexico are more privy towards familial and ethno-centric interests but from my experience, the immediate familial interests are more prioritized then the greater ethno-centric framework they are part of. Given the different varieties of Mexicans in the region there is a variety different of aims, purposes, and ideologies that operate within them so by witnessing this area you can see first hand the variety of the different types of Mexicans. The same can be said of different ethnic groups around the region with European descended peoples tending more towards individualism as a whole. There is few pockets of close knit-family interests and even fewer ethnic interests that make up the European peoples’ general ideology. They themselves feed the hardest into the consumer system even more so then all other groups though I will say that they can be reformed just like the others. By realizing their own identity and heritage the Whites here can learn to live in small, cooperative communities that can benefit the members and whomever they choose from the outside.  This can be said of well for other ethnic groups.

The Antidote

Given the fluctuating and chaotic nature that typifies this region the clear cut antidote to this situation is establish small tribes and networks of like minded people in this area to give them a sense of Identity that will stabilize the forces in this region. There can not be an all encompassing federation under one rule in this region given the disparate elements that reside in the region. I can see alliances and compromises forming between the different networks and groups operating in this region based on ideological, philosophical, geographical, and cultural concerns that is similar to Renaissance Italy. This is not a situation that can be without strife but it’s a goal that can be done with enough vigor and energy. For those that are not affiliated with the IENA and are in this region I recommend clicking on any of the links to the side and searching through the solutions and understandings that will help bring this area away from degeneracy and into a more wholesome circumstance.


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