Commentary: The disease of the Modern world.

June 9, 2010

It’s been a while since I wrote on here and there is many reasons for not doing so but what it comes down to it is that I let myself get afflicted with an infection that is permeated around my area and to all the world. What is this infection? A spiritual disease that only instills vices and a mode of living that is not striving towards spiritual fulfillment. Though I read quite a bit compared to the average TV surfer I still don’t read nor contemplate enough like I should. Why do I mention this? Reading texts of writers that are worthy and contemplating their thoughts and philosophies instill a mode of living that strives to perfection and to carrying out an aim that seeks to bring people together in a collective mode that harmonizes with one another. Such is the Tribe; a collective mode that looks to each others members as part of the same communal family and they seek to fulfill  duties and practices that is good for the whole. An individual perfects himself and others in this communal mode.  A Tribe is the strongest center of any associated individuals and by growing out of itself it becomes stronger but at the same time it can fall into traps and pitfalls. In this pitiful Modern world a Tribe of people, just like an individual, can be corrupted and in turn desist from having any real power. Expanding has it’s hazards and it should be the aim of the Tribe to find due proportion and balance, something that is missing from most of this world. So in essence, without much further verbiage, by realizing yourself and protecting your mind from the Modern world you can in turn be empowered to guide others; by doing so they can help you and in turn help the whole. This is what I.E.NA seeks to do and what it seeks for all NA groups of the world to do.

As founder and leader of I.E.NA I am going to be posting some new information with an emphasis more on local issues but within a larger framework of anti-Modernism, National Anarchism, and ancient sources. I hope you find it refreshing and spread the word!


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