A man defending himself on the bus against an assailant.

February 19, 2010

In this video a younger Black assailant is looking to act “tough” with an older White gentleman in which the latter simply went to the front to avoid confrontation. The Black assailant goes up to the front to try to confront the man, now known as “Epic Beard Man”, and in turn gets ass kicking. Now events and incidents like this can happen in ethnically homogeneous reasons but in this instant the circumstances were amplified given the differences in ethnic backgrounds between the White and Black actors. Also, if you listen on the background you can hear profanities being voiced by the woman holding the camera. This is a common occurrence in areas where Blacks, especially of a poorer kind, seek to establish territorial dominance in the area they inhabit by trying to create a hostile situation towards the opposition they are seeking to overcome. This could be taunts, body language, metaphysical points, physical aggression, and many other tactics and techniques. Also, at the end of the video you can see the camera lady picking up the bag of “Epic Beard Man” and thus showing another facet of her character.


2 Responses to “A man defending himself on the bus against an assailant.”

  1. FuckYouPieceOfScum Says:

    Two individuals getting in a fight on public transportation. Nothing new. And you are posting this in order to serve your agenda of promoting and inciting racial hatred?

    You should shoot yourself in the motherfucking face you reactionary mouthbreathing cocksucker.

  2. FuckYouPieceOfScum Says:

    An “anarchist” who censors free speech and doesn’t publish my comment? 😀 lol. You’re no anarchist, scumfuck. Take your tongue out of your mother’s stretched out asshole and click ‘accept’ on my comment, you inbred pigfucker.

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