The 9 Points of I.E.NA

November 27, 2009

Recently, a good comrade of mine told me that it would be a wise thing to make a list of points for I.E.NA that defines the essential nature of I.E.NA. Well I made one that I feel is satisfactory but by all means not written in stone; I.E.NA is still in a developmental stage and this list of points will be modified in the future based on different procedures and experiences. This list gives a good grounding of what I.E.NA is about and I feel free to message me for any suggestions, questions, criticisms, or any comments of any sort.


The 9 Points

    The modern world is a chaotic whirlwind of competing ideologies, philosophies, religions, groups, networks, ethnicities, systems, thoughts, lifestyles, and many other entities clashing with each other for supremacy and mastery for their own inclinations and desires. The I.E.NA is an entity out of millions of complex entities in the world that seeks to establish a network grounded in a unified direction and extension that seeks to bring order and harmony to the members and the ground that the I.E.NA holds. I.E.NA is the practical application of the Nouvelle Droite that was founded by Alain de Benoist in France.
    I.E.NA believes that ancient spiritual paths, philosophies, paths, ways, rites, and traditions are superior to Marxist, Liberal, Modern, and egalitarian forms of intellectualism and a return to these Primordial understandings will help our members and help the nations of the world as well. We seek a renewal of these ancient ways into our own age by contemplating them, performing the philosophies in action, and synthesizing them with recent historical thinking and creating new vibrant forms of intellectuality and creativity.

    I.E.NA seeks to to mold a lifestyle based on balance, harmony, and synchronization with our surroundings and that sustainable and communal forms of living are superior to individualistic and consumerist forms of living. I.E.NA will work towards self-sufficiency, sustainability, and self-sacrifice for our community as principles that determine the lifestyle of the community.

    I.E.NA believes that any community must have unifying factors that embrace the members of the community and the members embrace those factors. Here are the most important of those factors: Race, ethnicity, traditions, rules, customs, rites, philosophies, spiritual paths, beliefs, and history; I.E.NA is unified by these.

    I.E.NA will work with other National Anarchist communities across the Earth to insure the continuity and success of National Anarchism as a movement and as a lifestyle.

    I.E.NA seeks to strengthen all members of I.E.NA and of the supporters of I.E.NA to insure the complete form and individuation of the individual member and supporter and to also strengthen the I.E.NA network as a whole by making each link in the chain that much stronger.

    I.E.NA, by eventual expansion, will create institutions and entities that will propagate other National Anarchist communities around the Earth and allow an integrated network and federation to be manifested between different National Anarchist groups across the Earth.

    I.E.NA will reach out to people that are not in I.E.NA and will seek to integrate them within I.E.NA and/or to integrate them in a support network for I.E.NA and other National Anarchist communities.

    I.E.NA will regard itself as a Nation, acting as a unified Organism, and will see to it that every member has the ability, the skill, and the freedom to participate in the activities of I.E.NA and to be integrated at any particular level of activity based on that member’s commitment, talent, and willpower. Each member is a unit, within an integrated whole, with each member’s actions empowering and engendering the activity of I.E.NA as a whole. This is why I.E.NA is an organism.


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