Principles to live by: Fitness

October 22, 2009

Introductory Note

This post is the first of a post-format that I will put on this blog every week. This format deals with principles that are composed of preordained ideas and conceptions that revolve around these principles. In other words, principles represent a facet or mode that all actions and precedures either derive from or modified through. My principles that I will post here every week are generally influenced by the world-view of National Anarchism and other similar ideologies and world-views . Every post will start out with a description of the Main Theme and from there I will give corresponding links to the Main Theme that elaborate and expound on the Main Theme. I hope you enjoy this modus operandi I established for posting and if you have any commentary that you wish to give me in private or in public then by all means speak your mind for as I learn from others, I hope everyone who is on here can learn from me. Enjoy this post and keep pushing through the manifold.

Main Theme: Fitness

A strong, well-balanced body is essential to dealing with the hazards and variable processes that Nature and more specifically, the Modern World, puts forth to you. Every person’s situation is different but having superb fitness is key to operating in the Universe and providing a constant support system for your own will or actions. Think of the body as an instrument that you use every day of your material existence; like any instrument, say a car, it needs to be checked on, repaired, given adequate nourishment, and used with caution. With a strong body, your in a  better position to fulfill your will and your actions that proceed from that will. Here are some links that will give you a good start on Physical Fitness.



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